When you want to buy a laptop you can compare different ones to see the one that has thebest value for your money. First, you need to have a price in mind and then search for laptops that are in that price category. After that, you can then compare the laptops to narrow down your options. How You Can Compare Laptops before Making a Purchase There are certain things to look out for when choosing a laptop:

• The price

• The size of the hard drive

• The size of the memory

• The screen size

• The type of graphic card and

• The processor. Now let’s look at some laptops that are sold for less than a $1,000.


1. HP ProBook 4710 for $899

This laptop has a range of features typically reserved for high-end notebook PCs. It has a big keyboard and a separatenumeric keypad. One cool feature of this laptop is that the keyboard is spill-resistant. Its screen is a LED-backlit HD+ display at 17.3-inch that has a better power efficiency than most LCD screens.

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When we add 0 to the end of a digit, we can multiply by 10 in a decimal system. For example, a 50 is derived from 5 added with a zero, also 5460 from 546 added with a zero. For a multiplication of 100 or a 1,000 2 and 3 zeros can be added respectively.


In a computer binary system, multiplication by 2 is done when you add a zero to the end of the digit. For example, 110 (6 decimal = 4+2) is then 1100 (12 decimal = 8+4). In a similar way, more zeros can be added and then multiplied by 4, 18, and 16 and so on. This type of multiplication is known as shifting. Every bit, 0 or 1 can be shifted to the succeeding bit position with the first-bit position added a zero.


Arithmetic Logical Unit (ALU)

A complex logic diagram, with the combination of other “black boxes” like square roots, dividers, and adders, etc. make up the ALU. What the designer needs to know is that when two numbers are put into the ALU, and then told to multiply, the result output is known.

Originally these boxes would have had vacuum tubes, in a box that equates to bedroom size. There have been gradual improvements over time and today it now fits on a chip. The principles, however, are still the same utp.

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